It’s not the clearest of names, admittedly, and yet the creative industries include communication, marketing, shows, design and many other fields that are equally attractive. So attractive that today, these industries are one of Europe’s most promising and dynamic economic sectors.


The TRAKK is the creative hub in Namur that offers a fab lab, a living lab, light and dark studios, offices, coworking spaces and a programme of events intended for businesses in the sector. All creative projects have a chance of developing here. The TRAKK is right at the crossroads of art, business and new technologies, making it the ideal place to encounter the Steve (Wozniak or Jobs) your project is lacking. A real incubator, this will become the starting point for the impetus to make Namur a smart city in the future.

Above and beyond the technical resources and space on offer, the TRAKK is also a network of businesses, developers, designers, students, researchers, architects, engineers, creative encoders, makers and ethical or ‘white-hat’ hackers who share a desire to go beyond the boundaries of their respective discipline(s).


A coworking space is also available in Namur city centre, where 30 or 40 people can work together in real time simultaneously. This space includes a meeting room for eight to ten people and a seminar room with a capacity of 50, the perfect setting for that superb PowerPoint presentation you are preparing. It also serves as a place for exchanges and events that encourages collaboration to promote the emergence of ideas and innovation, and to find people ready to exchange, discuss and share their knowledge and skills.

Smart Work Center

Complementing these two areas, the Crealys® park has a Smart Work Center: shared office space for mobile workers (salespeople, for instance), and for self-employed workers, project leaders, etc. The Smart Work Center offices are constantly evolving, but have the technology needed for your future base.

The BEP is familiar with the creative economic sector and is therefore in a position to assist you. It can also find the resources you need to resolve a problem, develop your project, find a partner, etc.

KIKK Festival

One of the BEP’s reference partners is the KIKK Festival, which promotes new digital technologies and their creative dimension, highlighting them every autumn. The KIKK organises workshops, conferences and other meetings with experts in the sector, which will one day result in the emergence of the next digital revolution.

Namur University

Namur University, an essential BEP partner, boasts innovation skills and currently brings together over 6,200 brains ready to change the world.

Ressourcerie Namuroise

The Ressourcerie Namuroise, a commercial company with a social purpose that aims to promote the socio-vocational integration of vulnerable job seekers, is also a favoured partner, in particular for the work of designers using recycled materials.

Albert Jacquard College

The people of Namur are ready! By this we mean that we are young (one in three of the Namur population is under 25 years old) and that we benefit from high-quality education, in particular at Albert Jacquard College which trains future graphics professionals and whose reputation for training in 3D techniques, animation, video games, web and multimedia extends beyond the borders of our small country.


IMEP (Graduate School of Arts) also implements projects aimed at integrating IT and technological disciplines into artistic and musical creation.

Agence du Numérique

But that’s not all. The icing on the cake is the Agence du Numérique (Digital Agency) whose members plan to make Wallonia a Silicon Valley mark 2.0.

It’s a reality. Namur is establishing a position as a Smart City. With this in mind, the City of Namur and the BEP have set up the Namur Innovative City Lab project which brings together 11 different projects, all aimed at developing a dynamic process of smart urban innovation in order to promote Namur and Wallonia beyond their borders.

The territory of Namur is home to a whole range of skills covering creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship, in particular at Namur University: research into innovation management, the links needed between innovation and sustainable development, leadership of innovative teams, methods of developing new products, etc. Moreover, several research units are dedicated to work carried out on ethics and governance, bioethics, the implications of IT in law and society, etc.

A few companies already established in Namur: B71, Dogstudio, Superbe, Vigo, etc.