This sector concerns businesses active in manufacturing, processing, research and development and business services. This includes mass production, the development of one-off or bespoke machines, research firms specialising in industrial assembly or resistance and stability calculations, etc. This sector meets the need for high value-added reindustrialisation in Wallonia.

Mecalys® park, which lies along the E42 motorway spanning the municipalities of Andenne and Fernelmont, has 462,100 m² intended for businesses involved in mass production or that develop one-off machines, as well as research firms active in this sector of activity.

Even if your company does not focus entirely on the industrial process, we are friendly and also welcome businesses that complement this sector, such as those working in distribution. The Namur region is the third most attractive region for e-commerce distribution centres and enjoys almost as much sun as Saint Tropez. We can prove it to you here (but for the sunshine, it’s best to come and check for yourself!).

The BEP is by your side

Your company is unique, and so is the support we offer. The BEP follows you as you consider your strategy and helps you introduce new products or find real-estate solutions, etc.

MecaTech cluster

The MecaTech cluster is the Walloon cluster dedicated to competitiveness in mechanical engineering. To date, over 200 academic and industrial partners have become involved in the sector.

The MecaTech cluster gives priority to the following areas:

  • materials and surfaces of the future (integration of new proprieties into materials);
  • comprehensive forming technologies (complex, fast and economical forming);
  • microtechnologies and mechatronics (mechanical systems that include smart and electronic functionalities);
  • maintenance and reliability (integration of new technologies for maintenance purposes, via sensors, measurements, expert systems, etc.).


The Forem (Walloon public service for employment and training) in Dinant has a training centre specialising in logistics and transport.


The BEP cooperates with AGORIA, the federation of the technological industry, and with Adisif, which supports college research centres and promotes exchanges of skills between colleges and businesses.

The territory of Namur boasts a whole series of logistics skills, in particular via the research units at Namur University and the Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech faculty dedicated to materials sciences.

A few companies already established in Namur: WOW, Buysmetal, Pegard, Fondatel, Glutton, TMI, Robert, Lhoist, Carmeuse, Airproducts.